How to post to WordPress


Go to

Click on “log in” under the “Meta” menu on the bottom right.


Enter 509student and the password on the paper/PDF version of the syllabus.

To create a new post, scroll over “Communication 509” (top left corner), then “New” (in the pull-down menu), then “Post.”


This will bring up a page with two fields, one for the title, one for the blog entry. (A “field” is a box to fill in.) I recommend clicking on the “text” button and editing in HTML, following these instructions.


When you are done, you can click on “save draft,” “preview,” or “publish.” If you want to see how your post looks, choose “preview.” If you are done, choose “publish.”


To log out, scroll over “509student” in the top right corner. Scroll down and click “sign out.”



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